All Natural Lipsticks


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Canadian-made FITLIPS is 100% Natural Lip Products 

containing SPF via the jojoba, grapeseed, hemp seed and raspberry seed oils. These petroleum-free lip balms and lipsticks are paraben-free, as well as wheat and gluten-free. The natural beeswax lip balm can also be used on cuticles and other dry skin patches.  

Lip balms are availabe in tins and tubes. The tins are re-usable and recyclable. The tubes are hand-made in California. They are compostable or recyclable with your paper products.

The 100% natural lipsticks are packaged in paper tubes.

FITLIPS all natural lipstick

comes in eco friendly paper

tubes. They glide on smooth

and moisturize lips. Use with

or without FITLIPS all natural

lip balms.


FITLIPS all natural lip balms are

created with moisturizing ingredients.

They're low gloss and perfect alone

or under your other lip products,

including FITLIPS all natural lipstick.